Ode to Winter Sniffles

Patterned square of softest cloth, trimmed in lace with shimmering red and amber spirals gently wroth with sewing machine-care, I dread to leave your side. I need to sing you my worries in off-key tune, to trace the glittered bling as we share a dance beneath the moon. Your thin fabric, the luminescent eye into…

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Caffeine Courier

From my mahogany home, I watch you type, dragging words through sinuous steam. You cradle caffeine close, your keyboard closer, taking care not to spill– indulgence lets the world still. The Wea’ve Written Weekly challenge this week is from our host David at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. He asks us to do the following: Any of…

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February’s Reading List

This is a bit later than I’d planned as it’s a chaotic time of the year for teaching, but I wanted to include my reading list from February. Once again, I read three books, and once again, they are all SO different. (I think I warned you all last month that my reading tastes are…

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A Cure for Worries

Selma leads this week’s prompt for Wea’ve Written Weekly at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. Here are the rules she’s put forth, and my prose poem follows below. Rules New Cure for Worry! In breaking news, we’ve found the aid! Not a pill or a silly band-aid! A real miracle elixir to transport the mind to a…

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Fool’s Spring

Stillness settled over the cornfields like a premonition. Crusted remnants of snow croaked under our footfalls as charcoal clouds hovered menacingly in the western horizon. Meteorologists paraded fear and radar images; school administrators called emergency meetings, and local businesses flipped their signs to “closed”. tree branches quake now the earth blanketed below two fresh feet…

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bitter, battle-hardened, armed with baited breath and toxins, build the bridge that bares your losses, unaware you are the strongest I don’t presume to know what this bald eagle is thinking, but I’d venture that he’s eyeing up a tasty fish. Though they were at one point added to the endangered species list for most…

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