Memoir as Healing

One concept that I’ve been considering more lately is the healing power of writing– specifically the healing power of memoir– although all expressive types of writing apply. I held a workshop recently where I shared a bit about my own cancer story and how it led me to focus on the importance of healing throughContinue reading “Memoir as Healing”


Spotting pale petals, you remember, trading picturesque mountains for Midwestern fields, the willpower of finding home away from home while healing strangers. But I would call you my brother, standing among a handful of faces that comforted me when the world was ending. How a rose must look from hospital rooms, frail petals and questioningContinue reading “Gratitude”

In Between & Beyond

Frantic moments captured on screen, April reads memories to me. Looking back, shadow-covered sheen: that year breeds vortices I see. The truth lies beyond the shadows, graying echoes lead home to show: branches bow the way the wind blows, bend underneath life’s tome, and grow. This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt at the Skeptic’s KaddishContinue reading “In Between & Beyond”

Inner Peace

Hope is the imprints of boots in mud after winter too long. Hope is a song whispered among friends, and around hospital beds, flowing up to the clouds overhead. Hope is the shrill of laughter, the welcome collapse after the longest day spent away. Hope is a prayer, a dare, the people who care, andContinue reading “Inner Peace”


bitter, battle-hardened, armed with baited breath and toxins, build the bridge that bares your losses, unaware you are the strongest I don’t presume to know what this bald eagle is thinking, but I’d venture that he’s eyeing up a tasty fish. Though they were at one point added to the endangered species list for mostContinue reading “Resuscitation”

Cast Off

Cast out to sea, warbling wayward. Only the wind speaks, offering its favors– its knowledge and greed, gathering our labors to skim waves so free, spreading them skyward. Our grief? Let it be, whistling onward. Say goodbye to me, but I’ll save my words. This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly from the Skeptic’s Kaddish involves breakups.Continue reading “Cast Off”

The Founding Member of the Club

moonglow overhead turning slippery bridges into whispered dreams floating down country backroads Mississippi memories What do you do when you’re the youngest person in the room? Do you straighten your shoulders and make yourself taller? Do you tilt your ears, hoping for wisdom’s osmosis? Last week, I returned to Rochester, Minnesota, for my radiation check-up.Continue reading “The Founding Member of the Club”


walking winter’s lane leaving sloggy footprints pressing face to windowpane breathing out our thumbprints erasing messages we’ve laid story’s momentary imprint tapping the earth’s veins secrets sparkle and glisten It’s still cold, but perhaps my poem can invoke warmth? Christmas season reminds me of family and memories, probably because there are so many traditions associatedContinue reading “Endothermic”

Winter’s Beauty (& New Published Story!)

wintry limbs tremble under nature’s gray blanket coating thick like wool foamy froth that climbs our knees ice that bends and shimmers trees On this chilly winter day, I’m happy to celebrate another publication! My short story “An Unlikely Ally” is in Wildfire Magazine’s newest issue, Identify & Aftermath, which was released yesterday in digitalContinue reading “Winter’s Beauty (& New Published Story!)”

March 13th, 2020

Friday the 13th: the last day of school indefinitely unexpectedly cruel TV projects lines wrapping around stores packed hospital halls teary news anchors the wind whistles fiercely tearing the house siding shaking our normalcy crushing and dividing This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt was another fun one! Here is Britta’s prompt poem and her guidelines:Continue reading “March 13th, 2020”