Lighthouse Keeper’s Song

under the echoes of birdsong, the waves serenade the rocks meeting together, crashing gong, sky and water: earth’s paradox the waves serenade the rocks from the cliffs of this lonely isle sky and water: earth’s paradox will you stay here with me for a while? from the cliffs of this lonely isle, we surrender allContinue reading “Lighthouse Keeper’s Song”

Ode to Winter Sniffles

Patterned square of softest cloth, trimmed in lace with shimmering red and amber spirals gently wroth with sewing machine-care, I dread to leave your side. I need to sing you my worries in off-key tune, to trace the glittered bling as we share a dance beneath the moon. Your thin fabric, the luminescent eye intoContinue reading “Ode to Winter Sniffles”

Caffeine Courier

From my mahogany home, I watch you type, dragging words through sinuous steam. You cradle caffeine close, your keyboard closer, taking care not to spill– indulgence lets the world still. The Wea’ve Written Weekly challenge this week is from our host David at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. He asks us to do the following: Any ofContinue reading “Caffeine Courier”

A Cure for Worries

Selma leads this week’s prompt for Wea’ve Written Weekly at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. Here are the rules she’s put forth, and my prose poem follows below. Rules New Cure for Worry! In breaking news, we’ve found the aid! Not a pill or a silly band-aid! A real miracle elixir to transport the mind to aContinue reading “A Cure for Worries”

Fool’s Spring

Stillness settled over the cornfields like a premonition. Crusted remnants of snow croaked under our footfalls as charcoal clouds hovered menacingly in the western horizon. Meteorologists paraded fear and radar images; school administrators called emergency meetings, and local businesses flipped their signs to “closed”. tree branches quake now the earth blanketed below two fresh feetContinue reading “Fool’s Spring”


bitter, battle-hardened, armed with baited breath and toxins, build the bridge that bares your losses, unaware you are the strongest I don’t presume to know what this bald eagle is thinking, but I’d venture that he’s eyeing up a tasty fish. Though they were at one point added to the endangered species list for mostContinue reading “Resuscitation”

Weighted Paths

Yesterdays coat my boots their pathways overflowing their messages grayed out now under futures still unknowing we’ve taken what’s best ~and we’re weightless as our footsteps~ pressing forward into darkness indecision spikes like pebbles underfoot, but we’ll float home with stars in our eyes and daydreams in our pockets This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly promptContinue reading “Weighted Paths”

Unbroken awe

pour unbridled love for sun and sky, for earth and flying ducks and chiseled rocks, for friends whose hearts spill stories and spell a place for you always, for a moon that glistens overhead, soothing lost and unknown under a shared glow that bridges hope with all we know in our unbroken awe Though todayContinue reading “Unbroken awe”

cloud glaze

under winter’s coat hide grasses undeserving of their wilt and fade, hibernating with the bears and snakes, braking time from locomotive summer days. sunset’s ribbon grinds across an unrepentant sky to whispers of cloud glaze: would a half-hearted sun care to halt? The Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt this week was from Angela Wilson, who asksContinue reading “cloud glaze”

Sunset Dance

evergreen sunset painting lessons on flawed palms tempered emotions guiding moments from my past softly teaching me to dance I’ve been thinking a lot about how we choose to spend our time or how we prioritize our time. A friend who recently returned from visiting family in India said that in some parts of theContinue reading “Sunset Dance”