About Me

I’ve adored writing from a young age, filling my childhood closet with half-finished manuscripts. In college, I began to write both manuscripts and shorter pieces that I actually finished (well– some of them!), and I haven’t stopped since. My preferences are women’s fiction, especially cozy mysteries, as well as science fiction and adventure. I love to create female characters who are spunky, quirky, or awkward yet also badass. I have a passion for themes about a prevailing underdog and the unexpected victory.

I have a dual-MA in Creative Writing and English Pedagogy from Northern Michigan University and a BA in English Education from UW-La Crosse. My thesis was a compilation of flash fiction pieces that examined the role of motherhood in a way that entwined nonfiction and magical realism. In addition to writing both fiction and freelance, I’ve taught at the university level as well as for a local virtual charter school for several years. As of fall 2022, I’m teaching at the technical college and university levels. When it comes to teaching, I am student-focused and strive for critical thinking and creativity.

My family and I live in the countryside and enjoy play and nature. While coffee is undoubtedly the nurturer of my soul, I also believe that some of life’s best moments occur around a campfire with a little guitar music. In December 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I now gratefully add “cancer survivor” to my identity.

My blog has moved here to WordPress but old posts can be found at following link. I’m on Twitter at wordsandcoffee1.


My Family, Fall 2021

My family, Fall 2021

Feel free to reach out or send me a message!

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