Are you the main character?

As a writer and writing teacher, I was intrigued by this question when I heard it the other day: Are you the main character in your life? What are your thoughts when you hear this question? Do you agree with my gut reaction about control or my later (hopefully slightly insightful) thoughts about growth? Are you being propelled forward by an unknown diabolical author impervious to your own wishes? Mostly kidding about that last one.

5 thoughts on “Are you the main character?

  1. Wow, this definitely brings a pause. In my life, I’m quite certain I’m the main character and I’m so happy to say this. A few years ago when my introvert self was forced to do work I dreaded and I was constantly surrounded by people I felt suffocated by, I wasn’t the MC in my life.

    How about you???

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    1. Thanks for sharing! I love your interpretation of that. I’ve been thinking of this in a few different ways, and I’ve decided I struggle with my identity whenever some new change is brought upon me. I didn’t feel like the MC when I first became a mom (my son was totally MC then, haha) and then again at times when I didn’t feel like myself, like during some jobs that sucked a little too much out of me and during cancer treatment. I do feel like the MC in my own life nowadays. 🙂

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