bitter, battle-hardened, armed with baited breath and toxins, build the bridge that bares your losses, unaware you are the strongest I don’t presume to know what this bald eagle is thinking, but I’d venture that he’s eyeing up a tasty fish. Though they were at one point added to the endangered species list for mostContinue reading “Resuscitation”

Weighted Paths

Yesterdays coat my boots their pathways overflowing their messages grayed out now under futures still unknowing we’ve taken what’s best ~and we’re weightless as our footsteps~ pressing forward into darkness indecision spikes like pebbles underfoot, but we’ll float home with stars in our eyes and daydreams in our pockets This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly promptContinue reading “Weighted Paths”

Sunset Dance

evergreen sunset painting lessons on flawed palms tempered emotions guiding moments from my past softly teaching me to dance I’ve been thinking a lot about how we choose to spend our time or how we prioritize our time. A friend who recently returned from visiting family in India said that in some parts of theContinue reading “Sunset Dance”

Daydream Believer

my dreams aren’t far from King’s because it still stings when the waitress still brings two separate checks, though we wear matching rings, and I dream of a world not dictated by memes, falling apart at the seams, stripped by ego and greed, but instead one that gleams where love’s kindness is gleaned and spillsContinue reading “Daydream Believer”

Cast Off

Cast out to sea, warbling wayward. Only the wind speaks, offering its favors– its knowledge and greed, gathering our labors to skim waves so free, spreading them skyward. Our grief? Let it be, whistling onward. Say goodbye to me, but I’ll save my words. This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly from the Skeptic’s Kaddish involves breakups.Continue reading “Cast Off”


walking winter’s lane leaving sloggy footprints pressing face to windowpane breathing out our thumbprints erasing messages we’ve laid story’s momentary imprint tapping the earth’s veins secrets sparkle and glisten It’s still cold, but perhaps my poem can invoke warmth? Christmas season reminds me of family and memories, probably because there are so many traditions associatedContinue reading “Endothermic”

March 13th, 2020

Friday the 13th: the last day of school indefinitely unexpectedly cruel TV projects lines wrapping around stores packed hospital halls teary news anchors the wind whistles fiercely tearing the house siding shaking our normalcy crushing and dividing This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt was another fun one! Here is Britta’s prompt poem and her guidelines:Continue reading “March 13th, 2020”

Memoir Shadows

casting shadows on pine needles downy paths softer sonder complexity wonder brother on our own still together I had the opportunity to take a local memoir writing workshop recently. Suffice to say, it was awesome. I was unsure about taking the class because it meant leaving the house on Saturday mornings and giving up someContinue reading “Memoir Shadows”

Loose Teeth

Branches drag water pull trunk taunt from the shoreline to taste the current, form unimagined ripples, yet never sever their roots. Lately, my husband and I have been thinking of ways to help our 3rd grader express his emotions. At school this year, he has had difficulty handling any reprimands from his teacher and eitherContinue reading “Loose Teeth”


Maybe you can’t carry the moon, capture it like you do so many fading sunsets, place them in your pocket with cloudy bits dryer lint, prod them across your monitor. Maybe moonglow is the broken hourglass you cup with greedy hands, scrambling to capture the grains of sand under Chronos’ unyielding gaze. Or it’s theContinue reading “Transfiguration”