Where do you find inspiration?

It may be no surprise from my videos that nature is my favorite source of inspiration! I try to get outside each day, even if it’s just playing in the yard with my kids, but I find forests, mountains, and bodies of water especially soothing, and, for whatever reason, they get my ideas churning.

Ideally, I would love to live someplace where I could visit the ocean every day. For now, Lake Superior is my closest stand-in for the ocean (with 3 quadrillion gallons of water, it’s not too shabby of an imitation 😉 ). What things or places inspire you?

6 thoughts on “Where do you find inspiration?

  1. For me, it’s sitting at the coffee shop, people watching. For some reason, being in the present (such as observing a scene to sketch or write it) helps me focus, and that focus unleashes my creativity. The ocean sounds fun too. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. People watching is a fun one, too! We have this neat little farmer’s market in our town, and it’s a perfect place for people watching in the summer and fall, especially with a cup of coffee.


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