Poem: Second Chances

Take my hand now, back in time:

we’ll sweep forward smoothly in rhyme

and rhythm divine, listen to the climb

of our voices, our hearts’ beating chime,

a life looming beyond yesterday’s mime.

Today’s poem was inspired by the W3 prompt that David hosts at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. The prompt came from Murisopsis, who wrote today’s prompt poem “Finding a Voice” and includes these guidelines:

  • Write a poem with a ‘monorhyme’ as either the first word in each line or as the last word in each line (this means: ‘a single common rhyme’ in every line);
  • Poems should be no less than four lines long.

As a teacher, I always look at summer as a time for fresh starts. I guess I look at autumn this way as well as new courses begin and new faces enter my classroom. Summer, however, gives me the freedom to re-examine priorities and make new memories. My husband, sons, and I have a few random adventures planned for this summer, and I’ll hopefully capture a few wayward thoughts and some pleasant images along the way!

19 thoughts on “Poem: Second Chances

  1. I love this, I need to get back into writing poetry or journaling. I use to do both, & found both calming & therapeutic. I just don’t know how to start writing again it’s been so long.

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    1. Thanks! I agree that writing can be very therapeutic. The best way to start is to start small. You can set a timer for 10 minutes and just write whatever comes to mind in that time– maybe it’s just writing about what you did that day, or some questions you have, or some words that become a poem or story. 🙂

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      1. Another thing you can try is to go somewhere where you feel more inspired. For me, that is usually out in nature. I’ll go for a walk or garden with the kids for a while, and that helps me to sit down and write. For whatever reason, there are also a few neat little coffee shops around the area that also help to motivate me; I think it must be some combination of the caffeine and the pleasant atmosphere. They have outdoor seating as well, which is nice with that nature element again. 🙂


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