Cast off into adorable wonder

free for a moment

from the mysteries of plagues

and missing friends

and mom’s missing hair.

Open starry eyes

under chilled sunshine

meandering through streams

and chiseling dreams

from sandstone pebbles

and bleached birch limbs

and moon-rinsed earth.

This week’s W3 prompt over at the Skeptic’s Kaddish is from Michelle Navajas. You can read her beautiful prompt poem “Manila” here, and these were her prompt guidelines for this week’s challenge:

  • 12 lines of free verse;
  • Must include the adjective “adorable”

At first, I wasn’t sure what I would do with that second guideline as I don’t think I’ve ever used “adorable” in a poem before! I browsed through a bunch of what I’d personally consider to be “adorable” photos of my children, and this is one I felt comfortable sharing that sparked some powerful memories.

The photo is from April 2020, when we were in the early, isolating days of the pandemic, and I was knee-deep in chemotherapy. This little hike was a precious escape from the world at the time. I held our youngest in a carrier, and I didn’t have the energy to hop with him across the rocky path toward the waterfall, but we enjoyed watching his brothers make the journey. Thinking back on that time, I’m grateful that I was able to hike to many waterfalls on our camping adventure this past month– and for the energy to help all three kiddos over all sorts of rocky obstacles.

8 thoughts on “Daydreamers

  1. Sarah – I also had to think about “adorable” – this may be the first time I’ve ever used that word in a poem!

    I love these words of yours in particular:

    adorable wonder…
    free for a moment
    mom’s missing hair…
    under chilled sunshine…

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