Serenity’s Trifecta

coffee mug steaming beside my notebook and pen perfect trifecta while natures hums serenely sunglow dances between clouds The Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt this week is from Suzette, who asks us to do the following: Write: A) a haiku, OR: B) a tanka on the theme of “a favorite way to relax / unwind” The perfect moment of relaxationContinue reading “Serenity’s Trifecta”

Simple Days

lemonade summer sherbet sunshine overhead bare feet on cut grass The past week was chaotic as we wrapped up the semester. Between the emails, grading, meetings, late student work, extra emails from panicked students about their excessive late work, and everything else, I didn’t really have a chance to sit and just enjoy a momentContinue reading “Simple Days”


friendship: holding hands family we’ve built sharing our toughest stories together long-lost: miles apart friends we’ve forgotten cherish time we’re allotted distance This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt is from Sadje, who asks us to write an elfchen poem, with the added challenge of writing a second elfchen poem that opposes the first. The structureContinue reading “Companions”

Lilium lancifolium

vibrant and speckled trench lily in the wild burst forth with sweet scent seek attention and flourish confident and merciful This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt is from Brandon, who asks us to do the following: The tiger lily is my favorite flower, and the tanka is my favorite form, so here we have it!Continue reading “Lilium lancifolium”


Well, that escalated quickly. I intended to write more innocently about the river flooding happening near our home, but this definitely turned into something more. I composed this Symetrelle poem for the We’ave Written Weekly prompt at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. This week’s prompt is from Jane, who asks us to do the following: I believeContinue reading “Floodwaters”

Morning Mourning

Dawn greets the moon in mourning as her stubborn beauty fades again. This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt comes from Aishwarya and is as follows: I enjoy reading limericks, though I haven’t written many of them. I’ve never written an American Sentence before, so I thought I’d give it a try for the prompt. IContinue reading “Morning Mourning”

Inner Peace

Hope is the imprints of boots in mud after winter too long. Hope is a song whispered among friends, and around hospital beds, flowing up to the clouds overhead. Hope is the shrill of laughter, the welcome collapse after the longest day spent away. Hope is a prayer, a dare, the people who care, andContinue reading “Inner Peace”

Lighthouse Keeper’s Song

under the echoes of birdsong, the waves serenade the rocks meeting together, crashing gong, sky and water: earth’s paradox the waves serenade the rocks from the cliffs of this lonely isle sky and water: earth’s paradox will you stay here with me for a while? from the cliffs of this lonely isle, we surrender allContinue reading “Lighthouse Keeper’s Song”

Ode to Winter Sniffles

Patterned square of softest cloth, trimmed in lace with shimmering red and amber spirals gently wroth with sewing machine-care, I dread to leave your side. I need to sing you my worries in off-key tune, to trace the glittered bling as we share a dance beneath the moon. Your thin fabric, the luminescent eye intoContinue reading “Ode to Winter Sniffles”

Caffeine Courier

From my mahogany home, I watch you type, dragging words through sinuous steam. You cradle caffeine close, your keyboard closer, taking care not to spill– indulgence lets the world still. The Wea’ve Written Weekly challenge this week is from our host David at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. He asks us to do the following: Any ofContinue reading “Caffeine Courier”