Into the Abyss

The window fills with fleeing tawny feathers.
Fog rolls over dog-eared petals and dips them in
dew. Yellow blazes against maroon, against wind,
against thick, nimbostratus cloud-gusts
of hail. Thunder grumbles in a way that sucks
our stomachs into our chest and our eyes into 
doorways. Steady howling now, into the abyss.

This week, I attempted the W3 prompt at the Skeptic’s Kaddish a bit later than usual! The prompt was to create a Golden Shovel poem using one line from David’s poem, “Straights; or Expanses”. I picked the line “Feathers in wind gusts sucked into abyss”, so you can see where those pieces of his line appeared in the ends of each of my lines. I had to change “sucked” to “sucks”, and I’m not sure if that’s allowed (:D), but I think it worked besides that. Maybe. I had fun considering the tone with this one, as I prepare a lesson for my students about tone in their narrative essays, the first assignment we’ll look at as the school year begins this week. 🙂

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