Soil under Shadow

This evening, I’m attempting to write a blitz poem for Wea’ve Written Weekly at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. Here is the week’s prompt poem from Murisopsis, and here is the prompt: Write a “blitz” poem that includes something about a mouse or mice.

Blitz poems are very repetitive in a way that I don’t find particularly euphonious, but I think if I get the tempo right, my attempt won’t be too tragic. Here we go!

Shadow eye view

Shadow over soil

Soil cast in grass

Soil burrows last

Last under the winter

Last in cozy comfort

Comfort in routine

Comfort from the house

House that hid the mouse

House that sat in sun

Sun that cast the shadow

Sun light that spread joy

Joy for a small mouse

Joy for a safe space

Space for hope’s growth

Space for new souls

Souls that sing songs

Souls will spin along

Along the dish rack

Along the mouse trap

Trap a fresh start

Trap a work of art

Art with shadow

Art with deep glow

Glow from the sunrise

Glow under moonlight

Moonlight pools bright

Moonlight spotting little feet

Feet that tread at midnight

Feet small as a pen tip

Tip of shadow’s pattern

Tip of toes in corridors

Corridors that hum with noise

Corridors that shine with life

Life sings on in repeat

Life thunders a drum beat

Beat from scars that linger

Beat but still a winner

Winner winter dance

Winner with a chance

Chance begets success

Chance creates the match

Match thrown by careless hands

Match stick in mouse’s path

Path across the kitchen

Path carved in slim shadow

Shadow slinking slowly

Shadow carving journey



Well, there it is! The final result reminds me a bit of a poem I wrote back in March with a very different structure. I ended up with some rhyme scattered throughout the blitz, and I think that helped me to build a bit of a rhythm in this style. I might even write a second blitz poem someday in the distant future. 😀

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