Caffeine Courier

From my mahogany home,
I watch you type, 
dragging words through sinuous steam.
You cradle caffeine close,
your keyboard closer,
taking care not to spill--
indulgence lets the world still. 

The Wea’ve Written Weekly challenge this week is from our host David at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. He asks us to do the following:

  • Write a poem from the perspective of an inanimate household object, using personification.

Any of my trusty mugs could probably write an entire novel about me as they spend time with me all day. They’re not only the official carriers of coffee and tea, but they’ve also been known to hold water or ice cream or parfaits in a pinch.

The cup pictured was part of a wedding gift set of four coffee mugs; after eleven years, there are currently only two remaining. One is doing time in physical rehabilitation after losing his arm and enduring “gorilla glue” surgery. The other is doing well and jovially sitting alongside me this morning as I virtually conference with students about their research essays and slip into WordPress during my breaks.

What do your coffee mugs hold?

29 thoughts on “Caffeine Courier

  1. I really like rounded mugs, so yours appeals to me. I have certain ones I use for coffee, and others for tea. My daughters each have a special mug they use when they’re visiting too. If the handles break I use them to hold pencils and pens. (K)

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