Surviving October

This is my second video for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, honoring my own second year as a #survivor. This one is focused on ways that breast cancer survivors deal with this month of October and my realization that it is okay to deal with this month in a vast number of ways. I also included advice for young people on how to be proactive in their own health.

2 thoughts on “Surviving October

  1. This is such an important perspective, because I never would’ve looked at these ‘campaign months or days’ this way until you shared it. Sometimes it seems like these campaigns are more for the companies than the actual survivors. Thanks for being so transparent about this!

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    1. Thanks! It really does seem more focused on the companies. I saw this firsthand with companies deleting or ignoring comments from cancer survivors on their social media posts. Of course, money makes the world go ’round, so I suppose their bottom line is more important to them than little old me and a bunch of other folks who’ve been through the cancer wringer.


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