Little Bits of Celebration

Here’s the literary magazine I refer to in the video: Flora Fiction. Check them out and give my poems a little love when the spring issue comes out. 🙂 Also, since recording this video earlier today, I received the news from my husband that our middle child is recovering from his surgery and doing well!Continue reading “Little Bits of Celebration”

Poem: Koi Pond

Wonder gleams in your eyes as sunlight breaks the pond’s surface. I wonder at your reckless joy, the way you tumble with cartwheeling legs for refuge in our arms. Handfuls of small, sand-colored pebbles Scatter the water until– Plop! You shriek and leap with every splash, pointing at tangerine streaks of life and bubbles thatContinue reading “Poem: Koi Pond”

Surviving October

This is my second video for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, honoring my own second year as a #survivor. This one is focused on ways that breast cancer survivors deal with this month of October and my realization that it is okay to deal with this month in a vast number of ways. I also included advice for young people on how to be proactive in their own health.