My SMART Resolutions

I tend to set my New Year’s Resolutions like my teacher SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. It’s an acronym that, if you’re a teacher, is probably emblazoned on the back of your mind. Much like the goals I set to help my students, each one of my resolutions needs to serve a greater purpose to help me grow in some way. Considering what’s most important to my life, I want my goals to focus around my family, my own health (mental and physical), my teaching, and my writing. I’ve tried to set a goal with each of those areas in mine.

Re-decorating the tree after another mini toddler demolition.
  1. Play a game or do an activity with my kids each weekday without distraction. During the week, life seems so rushed, and my phone and work always seems to pull at my focus when I’m playing with the kids. I want to make sure to put away that distraction and dedicate at least an hour to the kids and their favorite things each day, Monday-Friday. (Weekends are already fun, ha.)
  2. Do something for me each day. This can be a small thing, like reading a book I want to read, talking a walk, meeting with a friend, treating myself to a nice coffee, or relaxing with a bath.
  3. Do my OT stretches every day. My muscles, especially the arm on my cancer side, have given me a lot of issues since chemotherapy and surgery. I need to hold myself accountable for this one!  
  4. Write in my blog twice a week, one walking vlog and one written piece, even if it’s a short one, like a poem. I want to incorporate more of my teaching into this as well.  
  5. Work at least two days a week on my writing. I am currently at work on two novels and one memoir as well as querying my literary science fiction story that I’m really passionate about. I would love to set the goal to write every day, but I know that I need to find an attainable balance between my passion for writing and life with three busy little kids, a full-time virtual teaching job, and my other responsibilities.

I’m pasting mine here to keep myself accountable. Time will tell how well I do.

Do you set resolutions? If so, what are your resolutions? How do you choose them?

3 thoughts on “My SMART Resolutions

  1. When I was going through cancer treatment and recovery, I am glad I managed to be an active mom. And as a writer, I generated material, depending on where I was healthwise, but I found writing a great way to maintain my sense of self and begin healing when it was over. I didn’t do as well with OT and much later, had some complications related to radiation. I applaud your goals. May the new year bring you health and happiness.

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