Setting SMART Resolutions

This video is a follow-up to my resolutions post. I try skiing while holding my phone because I don’t have any fancy equipment. (This may already be painfully obvious, but I’m not cool, you guys.) Hopefully, this video can help you set your own SMART resolutions or revise your resolutions if you’re interested. Have you set any resolutions this year? Considering we’re nearly a week in already, have you broken or revised any of yours yet?

2 thoughts on “Setting SMART Resolutions

  1. Ugh don’t remind me. I’ve been vague as heck with my goals for the longest time, and I think turning them into SMART versions are the way to go. Because I could keep working on ‘getting published’ or ‘become better at writing’ and still get nowhere. Thanks for the great reminder. And also for taking me out skiing!

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