Mini Self Care

This week, first semester wraps up, and my house honestly feels like a complete disaster zone between teaching (and re-teaching and re-teaching) virtually, raising three little kids, running a small business, and training our new puppy (!). I have to be the rock amidst the chaotic waves, even if it’s just something super simple that keeps me steady and stable. This video is about a few of the tips I follow that don’t involve any extra work for myself. What are your simplest “self care” suggestions and tips?

4 thoughts on “Mini Self Care

  1. “Something simple, like a moment outside…”

    I definitely agree with you on this. Whether it’s morning exercise or a short walk, just seeing a different view does wonders for the soul. Even the simple errand run works in my case!

    (Thank you for following The Monching’s Guide, by the way! Couldn’t comment on your About page, so I’ll just leave it here if you don’t mind.)

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