Poem: Message in a Bottle

feet sink

into cool sand

leaving whispered stories

washed away with wave’s lullaby


slipping onto some other sands

wading in memories

brushing ashore


For this week’s #TankaTuesday Poetry Challenge, we were given the task to write a Butterfly Cinquain. I fell in love with this form when I first tried it a couple weeks ago, so I was excited to experiment with this syllabic count a bit more. Spending time at the beach last week, I found myself thinking of the ways we communicate, and the ways our memories form. I believe there are similarities in both of these processes to the flowing of waves over sand and the erasure, erosion, and accretion created by this powerful force of nature. The ocean is something we can’t help but respect, and for good reason. It also lends itself in lovely ways to the written word!

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