Poem: Breaking Day

Dawn glow

budding slowly

smoothing frozen clock face

whispering still breaker’s fury

wait for

sun’s break

trills of birds spliced with traffic horns,

lovers rise, lunches packed

torrents crash sand’s


Today, I’m participating in David’s W3 poetry prompt at The Skeptic’s Kaddish. Britta provided the following guidelines for the poem:

“Write a poem on the theme of time. 
Free verse or form? Your decision. 
Ten lines or less, mine. 
I like simple. I like short. 
I like sounds far beyond the tick and tock of clocks becoming clocks.”

The moment just before sunrise feels very timeless to me. Many people aren’t awake yet, and there is a certain peaceful stillness in the air. It feels at odds with the hurry of the work day, so I thought a mirror cinquain would work well to convey that contrast. Some of my best thoughts occur in this moment before the rush of life hurries to greet me with the breaking of sun over the horizon.

9 thoughts on “Poem: Breaking Day

  1. Before sunrise are the best hours. Most days, I wait till twilight hits before I go for a run, but on the days when I do run before sunrise, I feel so… noble… for a lack of a better word. Waking up early is a blessing, and I can’t believe I’ve spent a huge majority of my life waking up in the late afternoons. Thanks for this post!

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