Poem: Forever Reader

Climbing ivory pages

into alternate destinies,

blooming wisdom of sages,

deciphering mysteries:

love surpassing the ages

beyond childhood memories.

Today, I decided to try out the #Whatdoyousee prompt from Sadje’s Keep it Alive blog. The prompt is to respond to the image of the child with the book. I immediately thought of my earliest memories as a reader: curling up in the backseat of our car on a long journey with a book in hand…secreting a Nancy Drew mystery between my 3rd grade math book…always tucking an “emergency” novel into my pockets, backpacks, sleeping bags, etc. “just in case”!

I’m still this way today. I don’t leave for an appointment or errand without packing a book. At my most recent trip to the clinic, a nurse commented on how nice it was to see someone reading. “You just don’t see that too often nowadays!” he exclaimed. “I always smile when a see a reader!” I always smile when I see a fellow reader, too, and more frequently one of those fellow readers is my seven-year-old, who grows in his wonder of the written word each day– hopefully inspired by Mom. πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Poem: Forever Reader

  1. Oh yeah. It’s rare to see readers these days. Even on Kindles. My earliest memory of reading was holding a novel and acting as if I knew how to read (I didn’t. I think I was four?) and wishing that I could. My next earliest memories of reading was enjoying the company of Moon Face and Saucepan Man in those Enid Blyton’s books. Thanks for triggering some happy memories!

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