Poem: In the swamp

Ripples in dark water

tasting wood’s groovy edges

pulling limbs in farther

past grassy trail ledges

through heathered shadows

under muddied reflections

hear the frogs croak and bellow

hear the echo’s misdirection

I’m responding to another W3 prompt today, hosted by David at The Skeptic’s Kaddish. The criteria this week was provided by Kunjal at Duo Disseminators, whose poem “Rain”, you can read here. This week’s guidelines are as follows:

  • Your poem must be no more than 16 lines;
  • It must include the word ‘groovy’

My mind immediately goes to Scooby Doo when I hear the word “groovy”, which left me at a loss when I first glanced at the prompt. Then, browsing through some old photos (which is how I often start my poetry writing process), I came across this one of a flooded area not too far from us, and inspiration struck– I didn’t even have to call Shaggy and the gang for help!

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