Fool’s Spring

Stillness settled over the cornfields like a premonition. Crusted remnants of snow croaked under our footfalls as charcoal clouds hovered menacingly in the western horizon. Meteorologists paraded fear and radar images; school administrators called emergency meetings, and local businesses flipped their signs to “closed”. tree branches quake now the earth blanketed below two fresh feetContinue reading “Fool’s Spring”

Cold Radiance

bark humble graying world sunset’s branches tremble with cold while tasting northern winds radiant with sunset, adventure begins under branches cold echoes with dog’s bark This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly is another form that I haven’t written in before, so we’ll see what everyone thinks! This week’s host was D. Avery; you can find herContinue reading “Cold Radiance”

Wintertime Play

sled’s rivulet trail skips tiptoes trips snowy boot pad slide opens fresher atoms slide repeats slide We received quite the interesting winter weather this week, so that was immediately where my mind was drawn with this week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt. David provided the prompt poem this week as well as the guidelines: This wasContinue reading “Wintertime Play”

March 13th, 2020

Friday the 13th: the last day of school indefinitely unexpectedly cruel TV projects lines wrapping around stores packed hospital halls teary news anchors the wind whistles fiercely tearing the house siding shaking our normalcy crushing and dividing This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt was another fun one! Here is Britta’s prompt poem and her guidelines:Continue reading “March 13th, 2020”

Siren Song

Witches glide through navy skies before an incandescent moon. City lights glisten below, incantations flow, capes waving in wind as an eerie song begins. Children step from stoops, hypnotized eyes, zombified, marching to witch song. I wrote this poem in response to the the weekly W3 prompt at The Skeptic’s Kaddish. This week’s prompt poemContinue reading “Siren Song”

Tidal Waves

Linger under the diamond willow’s shade carry your cup of coffee in gloved hands play witness to the memories we have made and know we harbor comfort in these sands. Leaves will drift, orange-freckled, in the breeze and waver over graying grass like so to paint the picture of these changing seas the tides, theContinue reading “Tidal Waves”

Poem: Forever Reader

Climbing ivory pages into alternate destinies, blooming wisdom of sages, deciphering mysteries: love surpassing the ages beyond childhood memories. Today, I decided to try out the #Whatdoyousee prompt from Sadje’s Keep it Alive blog. The prompt is to respond to the image of the child with the book. I immediately thought of my earliest memoriesContinue reading “Poem: Forever Reader”

Poem: Work in Progress

Family: work in progress. Like tree branches arching, you will grow: the forks you choose for each limb unknown until you reach the intersecting valleys, relying on gentle hands and histories. Father’s journey: tapestry of mysteries; Mother’s stories: secreted into galleries. All life’s answers unneeded to go. Love, dirt, and time; our truth will follow.Continue reading “Poem: Work in Progress”

Poem: Drifting Together

Today we hold your hand present in this moment; time is only grains of sand until we embrace its lament. The river metaphor is overdone, but watch its waves regardless, learn love from the passing sun. Gather strength as moments pass beyond our circadian thought: together, we read this scale of land, repair the bridgeContinue reading “Poem: Drifting Together”

Poem: Breaking Day

Dawn glow budding slowly smoothing frozen clock face whispering still breaker’s fury wait for sun’s break trills of birds spliced with traffic horns, lovers rise, lunches packed torrents crash sand’s solace Today, I’m participating in David’s W3 poetry prompt at The Skeptic’s Kaddish. Britta provided the following guidelines for the poem: “Write a poem onContinue reading “Poem: Breaking Day”