Poem: Skipping Stones


smooth, gray

skip freely

speckled, splashed



drip, drop

sail softly

scattered, splattered


Today, I’ve written my first lanturne (or two!) for the Word Craft Poetry #TankaTuesday Challenge. The lanturne is a short form that grows in one syllable each line until the end; it has a syllabic pattern of 1, 2, 3, 4, 1. You can find out more about lanturnes and Colleen’s weekly challenge here, and here is the specific prompt:

“This week, write a lanturne poem or a series of lanturne poems. (A series gets you extra credit, by the way). The only thing I ask is that you do not use β€œing” ending words to satisfy the word count.”

I chose a picture of my kids from our recent camping trip. We explored waterfalls, hiked hidden trails, and visited Lake Superior, though the thing that the boys were most interested in through it all was– you guessed it!– skipping rocks. I wonder if we should forego any future summer adventures and just pull up alongside a river with a bucket of stones. It would be much simpler– and free. I’ve mentioned this before: nothing reminds you of the simple pleasures of life much like children playing outside.

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