Poem: Skipping Stones

Stone smooth, gray skip freely speckled, splashed rocks. Splash drip, drop sail softly scattered, splattered falls. Today, I’ve written my first lanturne (or two!) for the Word Craft Poetry #TankaTuesday Challenge. The lanturne is a short form that grows in one syllable each line until the end; it has a syllabic pattern of 1, 2,Continue reading “Poem: Skipping Stones”

Poem: Morning/Afternoon

Patchy beachfront beside lapping waters, carrying echoes from the city streets, curbed edges where plants and people meet, distance dwindles these spires and towers. Our movement like clouds, we loom and then break, graceful messengers from another time, places similar but twisted in slant rhyme, scenes spliced together in two separate takes. Last weekend, myContinue reading “Poem: Morning/Afternoon”

Poetry: Equidistant

Daydream drive down Route 2 follow last year’s footfalls where past and pines embrace lake shore head full and heart hopelessly wandering under craggy outcrops that lean wide mouthed awake This week, I attempted a butterfly cinquain for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday Challenge. This week’s prompt was the theme “Beginnings and Endings”. The image is from theContinue reading “Poetry: Equidistant”