Poem: Waterfall Music

We part the trees at Pattison Park,

brave craggy ledges of stone

to where the rush of sound grows stark

sending sprays of water through overgrown

brush. Manitou Falls: wailing water forks

and plunges boldly, scurrying down,

down to the sandstone Black River gorge,

cast under freckled shade to tree-strewn

temporary home; to far-off worlds forge

creeks and streams, whispering a softer tune.

Today’s poem was inspired by another W3 prompt from the Skeptic’s Kaddish. Steven provided the prompt poem, which can be found here, and the following guidelines for this week’s prompt:

  • Must use three proper nouns (names of persons places or things);
  • Less than 100 words (no other parameters on verse, rhyme, etc.)

I don’t typically use proper nouns in my poetry, so this was an interesting challenge! Like with yesterday’s poem, I again took inspiration from my family’s recent camping trip and decided to write about a waterfall we visited on one of our hikes. Big Manitou Falls is the largest waterfall in Wisconsin, at 165 feet. There is also a Little Manitou Falls a few miles upstream, with a much smaller 30-foot drop. We didn’t visit the little falls due to a car full of tired children following their long hike on small legs to see the bigger falls (we ended up carrying the smaller two halfway), but Big Manitou made for some pretty pictures, a fun stretch on our ride back from Duluth, and– of course– another opportunity for rock skipping. 😀

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