November Dust

Nods of winter’s solitude

Obscure forgotten month

Vulnerable bare-limbed trees

Ethereal toasted leaves

Milky tea sky overhead

Brown discarded fields

Eternal dust of fate

Remembrance of oblivion

Poor bleak little November. I wrote this acrostic poem for the Wea’ve Written Weekly challenge at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. Paula Light wrote a lovely October prompt poem entitled “Suit Weather” and included the following prompt guidelines:

  • Compose an acrostic poem with the word ‘NOVEMBER’

November is not all bad, of course. One of my best friends has his birthday this month as does my favorite uncle. We’ll visit with family later in the month and take a few days off of school for Thanksgiving. However, weather-wise, this month has never been my favorite. The tractors have recently finished combining the remaining corn and soybeans, filling the brisk air with dust and little wisps of corn stalks. The leaves have faded from their bold colors to withered, crunchy bits underfoot, and a permeating winter cold will soon sink in. Plus, there’s that pesky Daylight Savings Time.

But, as with everything, there is beauty in November, too. I remember deer hunting with my dad in northern Wisconsin as a kid, which, for me meant merely sitting behind a few fallen logs, seeing if I could be still enough to convince a bird or squirrel to land on my arm (almost!), and never taking aim at anything. I learned that I’m not meant to be a hunter, but I do love sitting in nature. Even when it’s bleak.

13 thoughts on “November Dust

  1. ‘Obscure forgotten month’ – so true. November is just one of those ‘fillers’. At least that’s what it often feels like. Just there to make up the numbers. I love your image of ‘toasted leaves’, Sarah! Inspired! And I will look at autumn foliage differently from now on…

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  2. November isn’t my favorite for scenery either, but I have to admit, it’s a nice rest from the level of excitement that October always held for me. I like the quietness of November, I guess. It holds the planning sessions for the December festivities!

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    1. That’s a good point! November is a nice time to catch our breaths. Our calendar was so full this September and October that I couldn’t catch a breath; this weekend we spent most of Saturday lounging around the house– it felt like a treat, though! 😀

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  3. I’m the opposite–I love November (except for Daylight Savings Time which is dreadful every year). But our leaves are just turning and falling–I’m further south. It’s been unnaturally warm this past week though–I prefer a little briskness to stir the blood. (K)

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  4. November seems to be a month of breath holding for me. I look with apprehension toward winter but also anticipation of Thanksgiving, Advent and finally the new year… They say January is the month of looking forward and back but I think November should have that distinction – back at summer and forward to winter.

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