cloud glaze

under winter's coat hide grasses
undeserving of their wilt
and fade, hibernating with the 
bears and snakes, braking 
time from locomotive
summer days. sunset's ribbon grinds
across an unrepentant sky to
whispers of cloud glaze: would a 
half-hearted sun care to halt?

The Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt this week was from Angela Wilson, who asks us to do the following:

  1. Select a haiku written by someone other yourself;
  2. Construct a “Golden Shovel” poem from that haiku.

My golden shovel poem was inspired by this haiku by Yamaguchi Seishi:

Grasses wilt:

the braking locomotive

grinds to a halt.

I had a lot of fun with this one! I don’t believe I’ve written a golden shovel before (mostly because when I’ve come across them in the past, I didn’t quite understand the rules), but I find them quite lovely. I took the sunset photo this evening, and it needed a poem to pair with it.

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