Unbroken awe

pour unbridled love
for sun and sky,
for earth and flying 
ducks and chiseled rocks,
for friends whose
hearts spill stories
and spell a place
for you always,
for a moon that
glistens overhead,
soothing lost and unknown
under a shared glow
that bridges hope 
with all we know
in our unbroken awe

Though today was busy, I wanted to write a little poetry for Valentine’s Day. This weekend, we visited some out-of-town friends, and the photos we snapped of ducks floating down the Mississippi River seemed fitting inspiration for a sweet little poem about the beauty of friendship and love of nature and humankind.

If romance is more your style, you can check out a poem I wrote last year for the holiday here. Regardless of which poem floats your boat, I hope you are all feeling loved this day.

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