Serenity’s Trifecta

coffee mug steaming
beside my notebook and pen
perfect trifecta 
while natures hums serenely
sunglow dances between clouds

The Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt this week is from Suzette, who asks us to do the following:

Write: A) a haiku, OR: B) a tanka on the theme of “a favorite way to relax / unwind”

The perfect moment of relaxation of me would be lying on a mostly empty beach on a partly cloudy day (ginger) with a book in hand (and plenty of sunscreen). Short of that ideal, any scenario where I find myself surrounded by nature, with a tasty beverage and free time is amazing. It doesn’t even have to be anything extraordinary: I am content typing away on our back porch with a homemade iced latte at the moment.

Our garden is one special summertime refuge not only because it leads to a bunch of fresh produce but also because the kids enjoy helping with it and it’s something my husband and I enjoy problem-solving together (where to plant which seeds, how to deal with various bugs and weeds that kill the plants, which items to grow and when).

The tricky thing about winter: if you live north of the 45° parallel, as we do, people tend to sort of hibernate through it. There are few social events in our neck of the woods in the wintertime. Then, suddenly, May creeps in with her sunshine and seemingly endless hours and everyone wants to schedule every event humanly possible from now through September, when the beautiful weather will likely wrap up again. This means it’s easy to let our summertime schedule become a haphazard assemblage of picnics, outdoor concerts, kids’ sporting events, weekend getaways, and local events. I don’t mind the busyness, honestly; it’s just always a startling contrast to see each spring as we fill up the summer calendars. Summer also means the time when everyone wants to visit or take little daytrips or go camping, all things that I enjoy and that make summer special and– despite the look of our calendars– relaxing.

18 thoughts on “Serenity’s Trifecta

  1. I also love to relax in the lovely weather and write, though there are opportunities too few. We are fortunate enough to own a large garden that was already mature when we bought the place, meaning secret hideaways, thickly foliaged borders full of intended plants and weeds. I love it. It’s my sanctuary in summer.

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