Simple Days

lemonade summer
sherbet sunshine overhead
bare feet on cut grass

The past week was chaotic as we wrapped up the semester. Between the emails, grading, meetings, late student work, extra emails from panicked students about their excessive late work, and everything else, I didn’t really have a chance to sit and just enjoy a moment of the beautiful weather that has finally arrived after about a thousand months of winter. (Or so it seemed, lol.) Writing-wise, I sadly only had enough time to write this one little haiku in the last week or so. I do plan to hop back in and respond to the W3 prompt later if I can get to it before the prompt closes. 😀

Last week, I also presented a writing workshop at a little bookstore in town (horrible timing on my part). Despite my bad timing, it was my first time hosting my own little workshop, so I was stoked! I spoke about healing through memoir writing, which is something I suppose I’ve been applying in bits and pieces here in my blog and which I plan to share more about here really soon. I’m looking forward to more free time in the summer to write, wander, and wonder.

23 thoughts on “Simple Days

  1. Spring yay! (I follow how you talk about seasons on your blog so I’m having winter has finally given way!) Sounds like you’ve been having an eventful and interesting period. Hosting a workshop sounds fun!

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    1. Thanks! It was definitely a disorganized but exciting end to the semester. I’m looking forward to gathering my thoughts a bit more this summer and getting in more relaxation and focused writing. Hopefully even some querying again!

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  2. I could envision this in my head as I read it You have definite talent in a way with words in writing Thank you for sharing with all of us

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