Poetry: Equidistant


drive down Route 2

follow last year’s footfalls

where past and pines embrace lake shore

head full

and heart hopelessly wandering

under craggy outcrops

that lean wide mouthed


This week, I attempted a butterfly cinquain for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday Challenge. This week’s prompt was the theme “Beginnings and Endings”. The image is from the north shore of Lake Michigan where it caresses the lovely and often lonely shores of the upper peninsula of Michigan (better known by folks in my neck of the woods as the “U.P.”). I make the long trek from Wisconsin along the entire northern shore of this Great Lake at least once a year to visit a dear friend of mine. This particular photo is from a stretch break/walk I took along the beach midway on my journey.

18 thoughts on “Poetry: Equidistant

  1. You sure do have a ton of great photos, and scenic places to enjoy by yourself! How I wish I could have access to places as serene as your pics suggest. Being stuck in the city, and living right next to a busy street is a whole other beast. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks! I have to admit that sometimes my kids are just behind me waging a battle or possibly eating sand or leaves just out of site of the camera’s view– but I’m glad it looks serene! 😀 Hopefully, you can get outside of the city every so often to enjoy a more tranquil setting!


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