Poem: Morning/Afternoon

Patchy beachfront beside lapping waters,

carrying echoes from the city streets,

curbed edges where plants and people meet,

distance dwindles these spires and towers.

Our movement like clouds, we loom and then break,

graceful messengers from another time,

places similar but twisted in slant rhyme,

scenes spliced together in two separate takes.

Last weekend, my family went on a little trip to the Madison, WI, area. One of my cousins was having her bridal shower, and we decided to turn one little family stop for me into an adventuresome weekend for the five of us because…well, that’s just how we are, I guess. We don’t need a lot of encouragement to create an adventure. There’s a lovely coffee shop on Lakeside Street, right next to a park with a(n apparently unused) beach. Our family was completely alone at the park, and the gentle breeze and bird song was a stark contrast to the busy crowds of Capitol Square, downtown, and UW-Madison just across Lake Monona.

This contrast got me thinking about writing– of course! I was very fortunate to have been chosen the Poet of the Week for David’s W3 Writing Prompt yesterday over at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. My poem from last week led the prompt, along with a couple short guidelines– including a contrast in images or ideas. I had my photo from the park in Madison in the back of my mind at the time, and I wanted to put it to words as well. Do any of you have a contrast that inspires or sticks with you– maybe in a physical place you’ve traveled?

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