Poem: Work in Progress

Family: work in progress.

Like tree branches arching, you will grow:

the forks you choose for each limb unknown

until you reach the intersecting valleys,

relying on gentle hands and histories.

Father’s journey: tapestry of mysteries;

Mother’s stories: secreted into galleries.

All life’s answers unneeded to go.

Love, dirt, and time; our truth will follow.

Family: work in progress.

Today, I’m again joining in the fun with David’s W3 prompt on the Skeptic’s Kaddish. You can read Britta’s prompt poem, “Family”, here, and the lone guideline she set for us below:

  • Any length, any style, only one guideline:
    • Use one of the words in my poem as title for yours;
    • How about ‘Hopscotch’, ‘Goodbyes’, ‘Ghosts’ or ‘Kindness’? You’ve got over fifty words to choose from.

I tried a form that is new to me, a Symetrelle. I found the symmetry and rhyme scheme intriguing, and I think it turned out somewhat decently. I’m certainly not an expert in syllabic poetry, but I do enjoy it.

I’ll admit that I borrowed three words for the title; I hope that’s acceptable. 😀

We have a tiny hobby farm of sorts, so every day is a work in progress over here. Most of the time, our three little boys simply enjoy running around the yard or starting sword fights, but they don’t mind helping mom and dad with chores– especially when s’mores, lemonade, or another tasty treat is waiting at the end. I appreciated their enthusiasm with some planting earlier this spring– I love how you can see their focus and teamwork in this image.

21 thoughts on “Poem: Work in Progress

  1. Sarah, your poem resonated with me on so many levels. All the W3 poems this week were of high quality and picking a winner an impossible task. Your poem, though, stood out for me. I love your take on family. I am so glad you put a picture of your boys as well as a short piece of prose on your blog post to give your poem an even deeper personal context. I have chosen you as the next Poet of the Week for David’s W3 challenge. He’ll contact you with the next steps in due course.

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