Tidal Waves

Linger under the diamond willow’s shade

carry your cup of coffee in gloved hands

play witness to the memories we have made

and know we harbor comfort in these sands.

Leaves will drift, orange-freckled, in the breeze

and waver over graying grass like so

to paint the picture of these changing seas

the tides, the metaphors we use to grow.

This bench provides all of the space we need

to sip and shuffle through the time we have

we will not try to gather it in greed

to watch it slip like sand through water’s valve.

Share just one more private moment now, dear,

until the kids catch us hiding over here.

This week, I attempted a Shakespearean Sonnet. Despite being an English teacher and having taught others how to follow this famous form, I am not a huge fan of iambic pentameter and I’m afraid it shows. Hah! Ah, well, carry on…

I wrote this poem for Option #2 for this week’s W3 at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. There is a lovely poem by Lesley Scoble, followed by two options for this week’s prompt.

Our oldest captured the two of us dancing at a cousin’s wedding last month.

I had the idea that a sonnet would be more romantic. My husband and I celebrated our 11-year wedding anniversary today, and I wanted to convey those busy shared moments where we look at the kids and everything else around us and sort of half-sigh/half-laugh in reminiscence. As you can see in the photo of the boys above, these moments are often filled with our children climbing something– anything– and running, probably yelling, maybe throwing something. Perhaps the subtitle to this poem should be “Love Song of the Busy Parents” or “You Bet Your Ass I Need that Cup of Coffee”. Either way, in the infamous words of my husband, “It is what it is.” I wish you all a wonderful week!

16 thoughts on “Tidal Waves

  1. Congrats on 11 years! It’s nice to share your life with a partner and family. I’ve been with my partner for some time now too, and I can’t imagine not having her in my life. Your post has reminded me to be grateful of this privilege. Thanks for sharing!

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