Tidal Waves

Linger under the diamond willow’s shade carry your cup of coffee in gloved hands play witness to the memories we have made and know we harbor comfort in these sands. Leaves will drift, orange-freckled, in the breeze and waver over graying grass like so to paint the picture of these changing seas the tides, theContinue reading “Tidal Waves”

Poem: Summer Brain

Whispered wonder under the apple tree. Branches reach down gently to brush small heads, spill emerald secrets, ivory glee, springtime mysteries eager to be read. Above, joyful clouds freckle shadows. Sun light baptizes their investigation. A zephyr sighs, twigs twirl, a gray squirrel runs, rose-breasted robins trill near the basin. Little eyes move on, butContinue reading “Poem: Summer Brain”

Poem: Our Waves

When we were young and careless, you found me casting speckled stones into the river just to taste its wake. Then you walked with me until the starlight painted us silver. Your strong arms around my waist always pull me from the ocean’s tempestuous surge, lay me on soft sand under stars and full moonlight,Continue reading “Poem: Our Waves”