Wintertime Play



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We received quite the interesting winter weather this week, so that was immediately where my mind was drawn with this week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt. David provided the prompt poem this week as well as the guidelines:

  • Write a series of at least five atom” tercets on the theme of “children” or “childhood”
  • Atom? Tercet = three line stanza; Letters per line: 5-7-5; No punctuation; no capitalization (like haiku).

This was a limiting form in the amount of letters per line, so that was quite the challenge! I enjoyed it, though, and I’m also kind of pleased with myself that I included the word “atoms” in my poem. Hehe.

The weather this week was a rainstorm that evolved into a blizzard and then sat over us spinning for a few days. We had miserable slushy weather on Wednesday, snow that closed our schools on Thursday, and more messy roads yesterday and today. Despite being less than ideal for travel, the kids are simply adoring the weather. They’ve built snow forts and carved icy “king’s chairs”, pulled sleds up and down our nearby hill and through the surrounding fields, and threw more than their fair share of snowballs. They’ve also been shoveling champs! Every day is an adventure.

14 thoughts on “Wintertime Play

  1. It’s beautiful how kids enjoy the snow. Adults just hate it and all that shovelling that comes with it. I hope the weather improves. It sounds dreadful. Hopefully, just some light snow for the children to play with.

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  2. Oh! This poem is a slippery read that left me sliding to the end out of breath! Wonderful! We have had the same type of weather here but no school closings. All the kids made it home before we got the freezing rain!

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad the kids made it home safely before the bad weather. I was actually surprised that we were all closed on Thursday, especially since the college where I teach is in the midst of finals week and they aren’t quick to close! It’s looking like a chaotic end to the semester, to say the least. 😁


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