Ode to Winter Sniffles

Patterned square of softest cloth, trimmed in lace with shimmering red and amber spirals gently wroth with sewing machine-care, I dread to leave your side. I need to sing you my worries in off-key tune, to trace the glittered bling as we share a dance beneath the moon. Your thin fabric, the luminescent eye intoContinue reading “Ode to Winter Sniffles”


intensify steel volume under roaring echoes memories still cradled there buried in the snowdrifts This week’s prompt for Wea’ve Written Weekly was really intriguing! You can check it out in more detail here, but Denise was our Poet of the Week (selected by yours truly for her beautiful poem “Generation Gap”). She wanted us toContinue reading “innominate”

Glare Ice

shimmering mirage sliding sideways disarray frictionless motion The bad weather continues. Schools are closed today after a salt truck toppled over and other semi-trailers got stuck below a hill that leads into town. Fortunately, I can do all of my work from home until the spring semester begins– it’s mostly prepping course materials, recording videosContinue reading “Glare Ice”

Edge of Momentum

Behold the faded edges of day: the spinning light that lasts when shimmers shade to gray. Fireworks burst today: afterimage of the past, behold the faded edges of day pressed into eyes to stay like my footprints into grass when shimmers shade to gray. At the rounding of spring’s rays, we’ll capture sunsets in theContinue reading “Edge of Momentum”


walking winter’s lane leaving sloggy footprints pressing face to windowpane breathing out our thumbprints erasing messages we’ve laid story’s momentary imprint tapping the earth’s veins secrets sparkle and glisten It’s still cold, but perhaps my poem can invoke warmth? Christmas season reminds me of family and memories, probably because there are so many traditions associatedContinue reading “Endothermic”

Cold Radiance

bark humble graying world sunset’s branches tremble with cold while tasting northern winds radiant with sunset, adventure begins under branches cold echoes with dog’s bark This week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly is another form that I haven’t written in before, so we’ll see what everyone thinks! This week’s host was D. Avery; you can find herContinue reading “Cold Radiance”

Wintertime Play

sled’s rivulet trail skips tiptoes trips snowy boot pad slide opens fresher atoms slide repeats slide We received quite the interesting winter weather this week, so that was immediately where my mind was drawn with this week’s Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt. David provided the prompt poem this week as well as the guidelines: This wasContinue reading “Wintertime Play”

Poem: Winter Squall

I accidentally got caught in a bit of a blizzard while driving yesterday. I took the photo at a rural intersection along my route and then wrote this poem today. Silence simmers with suspense before the sky hurls cyclones of snow downward, spinning, they beat and moan against doors, the gale screaming its melancholy chord.Continue reading “Poem: Winter Squall”