tell me your story again
the one your brothers ignored
the one that made you curious
in spite of others' scorn

place your feet on this ground
under nature's open ears
the past deficient not in wealth
but in spirit, pooling tears
into cupped hands, upended now
and replaced with graced years

fill your basket with these blooms
picking from vines overgrown
reject the lies you were told
replace with compassion now shown

Today’s poem is for Wea’ve Written Weekly at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. Murisopsis provided this week’s prompt poem, “The Breakup” and the week’s prompt, which is as follows…

Write a poem:

  1. Of exactly 14 lines;
  2. In any form or style;
  3. On the topic of poverty (moral, financial, romantic, etc.).

Reading through others’ poems for this prompt, there were many powerful ones about financial poverty, though some poets took a creative spin on other forms of poverty. I think when a person is hopeless, that can certainly be a type of poverty, a poverty of hope or of spirit, maybe. That’s the sort of poverty I attempted to examine here, with a turning towards renewed hope. I think these bleak winter images can illustrate this idea well, too.

Fortunately, I’m a perpetually hopeful sort of person. Not to be confused with a perpetually optimistic person: rationally, pessimism makes more sense to me, but I also have romantic tendencies. I am a conundrum. Anyway, if you ever feel hopeless, I believe turning to the place you feel most comfortable or the person you can trust the most can create a safe place to rekindle your spirit. There is always someone to hear your story. The barren trees in these images will be fruitful again.

33 thoughts on “Fruitful

  1. Sarah, the crushing of hope, especially that of a child, is a vile act. So many children never recover from that weight on the soul… Your poem is wonderful and points out the road to reviving hope in the connection to nature and the realization that there is a better tomorrow even if it requires walking through a winter wasteland!

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  2. “place your feet on this ground
    under nature’s open ears”
    I think this poem conveys what you wanted it to. And I like that you distinguish between hope an optimism, and I agree, special places and people are how to replenish and sustain hope.

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  3. Sarah,

    Murisopsis has selected you to be this week’s W3 PoW!

    Could you please send me a prompt guideline or two in the next day or so?

    I have emailed you too – so, if you don’t receive my email (if it goes to spam) please let me know.


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