Sunrise effervescence

bubbles carry dream's unending halls
and unanswered phone calls
into reality's bedroom walls
waking those from scenes 
with eyes that hawk
but minds that baulk
nothing gained from dreams unnamed
maybe my soul's untamed
dreamed up this test 
by the one who confessed
that too much love in my heart
brought the cancer to my chest
so this daydreamer gets no rest
just the hum of effervescence

I feel honored to be chosen as the Poet of the Week for the Wea’ve Written Weekly prompt for my poem “Fruitful“. Many thanks to David at Skeptic’s Kaddish for creating and hosting W3 and to last week’s poet, Murisopsis, for selecting me! My prompt was to write 14 lines of fewer on the theme of “dreams”. I’ve read many amazing takes from this week’s poets; it’s a lot of fun seeing how everyone interprets the prompt.

I have to say I had the title for this poem all week, but I couldn’t find the rest of my words. I was thinking a lot about how we use the word “dreams” to describe not only our subconscious visions while sleeping but also our goals in life. It makes sense to me that sometimes these would logically connect, but sometimes our sleeping dreams are just really weird, right? Like the one where I was teaching a class but our classroom was a football stadium and there were birds playing football around us. Or the one where I was at my oncologist’s office and he told me that the actual reason for my cancer was that my second toe was longer than my first. Maybe my overtired brain is just laughing at me.

We long for answers in nightly dreams, though, too, and I can understand why, with the fuzzy, ethereal quality of remembered dreams and their oftentimes implacable sights and sounds. They’re mysterious and intriguing. I guess this all just goes to show why I thought “dreams” would be a cool theme for this weeks’ prompt! What do you think about dreaming? What strange or silly dreams do you remember?

18 thoughts on “Sunrise effervescence

  1. wow, both beautiful and raw, Sarah – I love this piece ❀


    P.S. you’ve catalyzed lots of great responses so far! and there may come a couple more in the next day before the prompt is closed to further submissions πŸ™‚

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  2. The poem has a dreamy quality throughout as the dream/dreamer bump along through the halls and within familiar walls.
    Congrats on being poet of the week. So far I have nothing, the muse packed up and left. But we’ll see. Maybe I’ll dream something up tonight.

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  3. Dreams are just the weirdest things, in that anything can happen in them and we’d see nothing wrong with it. I could be flying beside a 747 and still think it’s a regular Wednesday as long as I’m in Dreamland. It takes me waking up to realise how silly the dream is. Which makes me wonder how I would see the world if I totally turned off my logic. Anyway, congrats on being poet of the week!

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