Daydream Believer

my dreams 
aren't far from King's
because it still stings
when the waitress still brings
two separate checks,
though we wear matching rings,
and I dream of a world not dictated by memes, falling apart at the seams,
stripped by ego and greed,
but instead one that gleams
where love's kindness is gleaned
and spills over, it seems

I’m still on the “dreams” theme, I suppose, but it’s fitting for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day today. I have also been feeling more drawn to a spoken word type of poetry. It’s a form that my students especially enjoy whenever we work with poetry, and Sarah Kay’s “If I should have a daughter” has been a favorite over the years. I’ll need to record audio for some of my poetry one of these days or attend a poetry night somewhere locally, if I can work up the courage. Until then, I’ll keep dreaming: of poetry, and of a kinder, more beautiful world.

14 thoughts on “Daydream Believer

  1. I love that you’re exploring spoken word poetry! I’ve been meaning to explore audio myself, just to branch out of writing a little. It’s a powerful and engaging form that can really connect with audiences.

    It’s also great that your students enjoy poetry, and I love what you’re doing with your students to inspire the next generation of writers.

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    1. Thanks! The oral element definitely adds something to the poem. My students also enjoy listening to others read poetry to them– and they probably appreciate getting out of a little reading themselves! πŸ˜€


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