Risk-taking and cancer, part 2

How do you become more boldly yourself? What goals changed for you after a trauma or life event? I think both cancer patients, in remission, and mothers, post-childbirth, find themselves in a sort of limbo where they can recreate who they are. (They are probably lots of other transition points of life where people encounterContinue reading “Risk-taking and cancer, part 2”

Risk-taking and Cancer?

I’ve recently asked myself if cancer survivors are more likely to be risk-takers. What do you think the research shows? I explain a bit about what I found out in my video as well as what I’m learning and how I’m hoping to grow as I approach a milestone next month– almost one year inContinue reading “Risk-taking and Cancer?”

Saving My Community

I actually meant to post this last week; time got away from me, but I wanted to honor an acquaintance that I wish I had the chance to get to know better. I share a bit about her in this video, and I want to share the link to her blog here, too, because, asContinue reading “Saving My Community”