Poem: Interstate Dreams

Pastoral prairie splayed out before me in a dazzle of fern, mint, and emerald shades grass in dancing blades tossed like ocean waves in wind Cerulean gaze freckling clouded haze casting shadows along hills valley breeze blowing prancing trees showing frail cirrocumulus spills Poured concrete highway rushing underway passing through growth and flurry downwind fromContinue reading “Poem: Interstate Dreams”

#TankaTuesday Challenge 268 “Tangerine”

elastic orange sun tugged over fading frame reflection on glass pane gray memories I gave #TankaTuesday on the Word Craft Poetry blog another try for this week’s #TasteTheRainbow challenge. Today was my first attempt at writing an Abhanga, which is a very beautiful form that I will likely try again! I also tried to incorporateContinue reading “#TankaTuesday Challenge 268 “Tangerine””

Anatomy of a Poem

I have completely abandoned all hope of publishing my fiction and have switched solely to poetry. April Fools! Ha. Ha. You are probably grimacing. I am, too. I don’t really understand this holiday. It’s my sister’s birthday, though, which made for some admittedly amazing pranks growing up. I do want to focus a bit moreContinue reading “Anatomy of a Poem”