Poem: Work in Progress

Family: work in progress. Like tree branches arching, you will grow: the forks you choose for each limb unknown until you reach the intersecting valleys, relying on gentle hands and histories. Father’s journey: tapestry of mysteries; Mother’s stories: secreted into galleries. All life’s answers unneeded to go. Love, dirt, and time; our truth will follow.Continue reading “Poem: Work in Progress”

Poem: Drifting Together

Today we hold your hand present in this moment; time is only grains of sand until we embrace its lament. The river metaphor is overdone, but watch its waves regardless, learn love from the passing sun. Gather strength as moments pass beyond our circadian thought: together, we read this scale of land, repair the bridgeContinue reading “Poem: Drifting Together”

Poem: Steadfast Friend

open lemon palms clasping secrets in shadow more than just a weed orbiting luscious blossoms cast my gentle color wheel Today’s #TankaTuesday Challenge asks writers to reflect on the theme “useful”. Dandelions may have a bad reputation, but they always remind me of a quiet, dependable friend: returning loyally to familiar places, sharing memories, smilingContinue reading “Poem: Steadfast Friend”

Poem: Summer Brain

Whispered wonder under the apple tree. Branches reach down gently to brush small heads, spill emerald secrets, ivory glee, springtime mysteries eager to be read. Above, joyful clouds freckle shadows. Sun light baptizes their investigation. A zephyr sighs, twigs twirl, a gray squirrel runs, rose-breasted robins trill near the basin. Little eyes move on, butContinue reading “Poem: Summer Brain”

Poem: May Apple Tree

Burst into ivory finery like fragments of cloud for merely two weeks before summer peaks and petals flutter forward coiling into dandelion fluff tasting fresh-mown lawn and breathing earth’s heartbeat. Today, I’m joining in David’s weekly W3 prompt on The Skeptic’s Kaddish. Today’s prompt was suggested by A. J. Wilson, who provided these guidelines: 12Continue reading “Poem: May Apple Tree”

A #TankaTuesday Tanka

above the cloud line capturing wonders through frame earth’s beauty remains within our perceptive gaze and beyond all that we are This poem is for the Colleen’s weekly #TankaTuesday Challenge, brought to us this week from David at Skeptic’s Kaddish. Here was today’s prompt: “This is a photo of David’s father. Please be aware thatContinue reading “A #TankaTuesday Tanka”

Poem: Breaking Day

Dawn glow budding slowly smoothing frozen clock face whispering still breaker’s fury wait for sun’s break trills of birds spliced with traffic horns, lovers rise, lunches packed torrents crash sand’s solace Today, I’m participating in David’s W3 poetry prompt at The Skeptic’s Kaddish. Britta provided the following guidelines for the poem: “Write a poem onContinue reading “Poem: Breaking Day”

Poem: Message in a Bottle

feet sink into cool sand leaving whispered stories washed away with wave’s lullaby only slipping onto some other sands wading in memories brushing ashore again For this week’s #TankaTuesday Poetry Challenge, we were given the task to write a Butterfly Cinquain. I fell in love with this form when I first tried it a coupleContinue reading “Poem: Message in a Bottle”

Poem: Perfect Imperfection

seashell solitude tangible imperfections glisten in water This past week, I had an amazing opportunity to attend a retreat of sorts for young adults who are cancer survivors. I spent five days in the Outer Banks of North Carolina surfing, exploring, and meeting other people in their twenties and thirties who understood on a personalContinue reading “Poem: Perfect Imperfection”