Sunrise effervescence

bubbles carry dream’s unending halls and unanswered phone calls into reality’s bedroom walls waking those from scenes with eyes that hawk but minds that baulk nothing gained from dreams unnamed maybe my soul’s untamed dreamed up this test by the one who confessed that too much love in my heart brought the cancer to myContinue reading “Sunrise effervescence”

Poem: Moon’s Grudge

teasing through cloud lines slinking over my domain blinking stars from sky and breaking apart sheer blue with audacious orange hue I’m joining in the W3 prompt on Skeptic’s Kaddish today. Today, Punam wrote us a lovely prompt poem, which you can find here. These are today’s guidelines: Write about the moon from the sun’sContinue reading “Poem: Moon’s Grudge”

Poem: Breaking Day

Dawn glow budding slowly smoothing frozen clock face whispering still breaker’s fury wait for sun’s break trills of birds spliced with traffic horns, lovers rise, lunches packed torrents crash sand’s solace Today, I’m participating in David’s W3 poetry prompt at The Skeptic’s Kaddish. Britta provided the following guidelines for the poem: “Write a poem onContinue reading “Poem: Breaking Day”