A #TankaTuesday Tanka

above the cloud line capturing wonders through frame earth’s beauty remains within our perceptive gaze and beyond all that we are This poem is for the Colleen’s weekly #TankaTuesday Challenge, brought to us this week from David at Skeptic’s Kaddish. Here was today’s prompt: “This is a photo of David’s father. Please be aware thatContinue reading “A #TankaTuesday Tanka”

Poem: Breaking Day

Dawn glow budding slowly smoothing frozen clock face whispering still breaker’s fury wait for sun’s break trills of birds spliced with traffic horns, lovers rise, lunches packed torrents crash sand’s solace Today, I’m participating in David’s W3 poetry prompt at The Skeptic’s Kaddish. Britta provided the following guidelines for the poem: “Write a poem onContinue reading “Poem: Breaking Day”

Poem: Message in a Bottle

feet sink into cool sand leaving whispered stories washed away with wave’s lullaby only slipping onto some other sands wading in memories brushing ashore again For this week’s #TankaTuesday Poetry Challenge, we were given the task to write a Butterfly Cinquain. I fell in love with this form when I first tried it a coupleContinue reading “Poem: Message in a Bottle”

Poem: Perfect Imperfection

seashell solitude tangible imperfections glisten in water This past week, I had an amazing opportunity to attend a retreat of sorts for young adults who are cancer survivors. I spent five days in the Outer Banks of North Carolina surfing, exploring, and meeting other people in their twenties and thirties who understood on a personalContinue reading “Poem: Perfect Imperfection”

Poetry: Equidistant

Daydream drive down Route 2 follow last year’s footfalls where past and pines embrace lake shore head full and heart hopelessly wandering under craggy outcrops that lean wide mouthed awake This week, I attempted a butterfly cinquain for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday Challenge. This week’s prompt was the theme “Beginnings and Endings”. The image is from theContinue reading “Poetry: Equidistant”

Poem: Interstate Dreams

Pastoral prairie splayed out before me in a dazzle of fern, mint, and emerald shades grass in dancing blades tossed like ocean waves in wind Cerulean gaze freckling clouded haze casting shadows along hills valley breeze blowing prancing trees showing frail cirrocumulus spills Poured concrete highway rushing underway passing through growth and flurry downwind fromContinue reading “Poem: Interstate Dreams”

Poem: Shadows

I’m getting a late start on this week’s #TankaTuesday, though it’s still Tuesday at my house for another couple hours. It was one of those wild days when I especially appreciated this time in the evening to clear my thoughts and find peace in the written word. Colleen’s #TankaTuesday challenge this week is Ekphrastic poetry,Continue reading “Poem: Shadows”

Poem: Gichigami Song

Lifting the smooth paddle skyward We dodge droplets and flow forward Frigid lake can’t suppress my grin Waves that buckle and bend with wind Lighthouse rises atop cliff peak Of storm-tossed ships its walls will speak Water rages, the bow ascends Waves that buckle and bend with wind I’m not typically drawn to poetry withContinue reading “Poem: Gichigami Song”

#TankaTuesday Challenge 269 Tanka Prose

The chicken coop crafted from pallet boards and nails stands strong in our backyard through blizzards and at least one tornado. We watch the Ameraucana hens peck and prance through the dry grasses, looking forward to spring’s warm breath. Foreboding clouds swirl overhead with the threat of rain, and we spot the twist of suddenContinue reading “#TankaTuesday Challenge 269 Tanka Prose”