#TankaTuesday Challenge 268 “Tangerine”

elastic orange sun tugged over fading frame reflection on glass pane gray memories I gave #TankaTuesday on the Word Craft Poetry blog another try for this week’s #TasteTheRainbow challenge. Today was my first attempt at writing an Abhanga, which is a very beautiful form that I will likely try again! I also tried to incorporateContinue reading “#TankaTuesday Challenge 268 “Tangerine””

Anatomy of a Poem

I have completely abandoned all hope of publishing my fiction and have switched solely to poetry. April Fools! Ha. Ha. You are probably grimacing. I am, too. I don’t really understand this holiday. It’s my sister’s birthday, though, which made for some admittedly amazing pranks growing up. I do want to focus a bit moreContinue reading “Anatomy of a Poem”

Poem: Fool’s Spring

We tire of dragging gloves over palms, zipping coats against chilled limbs.                      We pull platitudes from winter’s waste, from under mounds of fading snow willful still in shadowy pockets, in culverts and crevices, fading into muddy memory. We long for warmth breaths under blooming branches, long evenings dallying on back porches, spring-like sun to meltContinue reading “Poem: Fool’s Spring”

#TankaTuesday Challenge 251

low clouds cling and I climb uphill alongside trees and leftover leaves farther than the day before past footprints I placed in mud I decided to try the #TankaTuesday challenge on the Word Craft Poetry blog for the first time this week. Let’s see how it goes! Here is the link back to the challenge.

Stubborn or Naïve

Undeterred a new explorer slips through the waterfall, dodging gray, crumbling blocks of the world we coated with layers of paint until we hid its curves and built its locks, sidesteps pebbles for unknown reaches where our souls don’t live for paper notes and clocks but dreams that blossom from dawn’s promises before we learnedContinue reading “Stubborn or Naïve”

First published poems!

Some days, I liken writing poetry to stringing my heart and soul up on the clothesline for everyone to see, but there’s a beauty in sharing our deepest words. I have two particularly honest/intimate poems up at Flora Fiction’s Spring 2022 issue about New Beginnings, “Sunrise” and “Writer, Revisited”. Check out the free download hereContinue reading “First published poems!”

Poem: Multiperspectivity

Tiny faces peek out from the ledge of stone walls dusty from disuse, empty doorways and metal edges over places where windows used to fit. Once we belonged here, but we lost the pages; still a plaque grows cold against spring’s gasp, shrouded taut amongst the weeds, until the winds blow limbs apart, reveal lostContinue reading “Poem: Multiperspectivity”