Poem: “When the sun stood still”

Kitchen windows slashed with early sunset My course of existence forever bent On a day knowing nine hours of light Came the call that left me sunspot-blind Cancer is a metaphor in many songs Scale notes and melodies painting with my blood The needle dips and drags late December’s paint Sunless days marked in tunnelsContinue reading “Poem: “When the sun stood still””

Writing Goals from Your Unique Perspective

Can we strengthen our writing through specific goals and unique character perspectives? I hope so! I believe many of us writers are so passionate about our work because we hope to change the world in some way or inspire others through our thoughts and ideas. This video looks at my not-so-writerly life after my MAContinue reading “Writing Goals from Your Unique Perspective”

Just Keep Writing!

Today’s message is to keep writing. Through the downfalls and pitfalls, through life’s tragedies (major or minor), and through the constant flow of rejection, we can still persevere as writers. This video offers a bit of a respite with a positive query rejection and tips to keep motivated through it all.

The Ways We Impact Others

I’ve been thinking about the ways that our smaller choices impact others, from the words we tell a loved one in haste to the items we share or the gifts that we don’t. In my video, I talk more specifically about the ways that the seasons impact and leave their impressions on us, the waysContinue reading “The Ways We Impact Others”

Risk-taking and cancer, part 2

How do you become more boldly yourself? What goals changed for you after a trauma or life event? I think both cancer patients, in remission, and mothers, post-childbirth, find themselves in a sort of limbo where they can recreate who they are. (They are probably lots of other transition points of life where people encounterContinue reading “Risk-taking and cancer, part 2”