Poem: Love Sprouts

Fog concealed the ghosts riding through our damp fields, forging their haunts in valleys still tingling with frosty breath and grassy hair. They ask questions I can’t answer about men who start wars and women who pick up the pieces and swear history won’t repeat. Are we driven to chisel our bricked hearts, our doubtsContinue reading “Poem: Love Sprouts”

Poem: Koi Pond

Wonder gleams in your eyes as sunlight breaks the pond’s surface. I wonder at your reckless joy, the way you tumble with cartwheeling legs for refuge in our arms. Handfuls of small, sand-colored pebbles Scatter the water until– Plop! You shriek and leap with every splash, pointing at tangerine streaks of life and bubbles thatContinue reading “Poem: Koi Pond”