Poem: Steadfast Friend

open lemon palms clasping secrets in shadow more than just a weed orbiting luscious blossoms cast my gentle color wheel Today’s #TankaTuesday Challenge asks writers to reflect on the theme “useful”. Dandelions may have a bad reputation, but they always remind me of a quiet, dependable friend: returning loyally to familiar places, sharing memories, smilingContinue reading “Poem: Steadfast Friend”

Poem: May Apple Tree

Burst into ivory finery like fragments of cloud for merely two weeks before summer peaks and petals flutter forward coiling into dandelion fluff tasting fresh-mown lawn and breathing earth’s heartbeat. Today, I’m joining in David’s weekly W3 prompt on The Skeptic’s Kaddish. Today’s prompt was suggested by A. J. Wilson, who provided these guidelines: 12Continue reading “Poem: May Apple Tree”

Poem: Fool’s Spring

We tire of dragging gloves over palms, zipping coats against chilled limbs.                      We pull platitudes from winter’s waste, from under mounds of fading snow willful still in shadowy pockets, in culverts and crevices, fading into muddy memory. We long for warmth breaths under blooming branches, long evenings dallying on back porches, spring-like sun to meltContinue reading “Poem: Fool’s Spring”